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Wizz Wipes are a high quality disinfecting wipe designed for use in gyms and fitness centers, medical facilities, food preparation areas, dental practices, homes and indeed anywhere there are a number of people using equipment or facilities. Wizz Wipes are suitable for all surfaces. Wizz Wipes can be used on metal, rubber, leather, vinyl, plastics, ceramics and wooden surfaces. Wizz Wipes are not suitable for the body or hands.

Wizz Wipes are bleach free, alcohol free and phenol free.

Using Wizz Wipes helps stops the spread of of harmful bacteria and viruses such as e.coli,staphylococcus aureus,hiv,herpes,polio,tuberculosis,salmonella and influenza.
kills M.R.S.A. and H1N1!
Wizz Wipes kills 99.9% of bacteria within 15 seconds.
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